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Industrial Land In Central Poland

Szydlowiec, Poland

Property Description

The property intended for sale is located in Szydlowiec in Mazowieckie voivodeship. The property consists of a complex of three plots with a total area of approximately 16 ha.

The property includes plots with the following numbers : 5968 with an area of 49 802 m2, 5981 & 5980 with an area of 52 155 m2 and
5984 with an area of 57 775 m2 shown on the attached map. These plots can be individually priced at €36 per square meter.

The method of use of the property resulting from the land register is defined as "arable land". The plots included in the offered real estate are currently mostly used for agriculture, without buildings. 

In accordance with the local spatial development plan for the area of Szydlowiec - Zone of the new industrial district S2 in the city of Szydlowiec, approved by Resolutions of the City Council No. XX/137/20 of June 30, 2020 (published in the Official Journal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship on July 8, 2020, item 7555 ) and No. X/64/19 of July 17, 2019 (published in the Official Journal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship on July 30, 2019, item 9324) - the property covering the above-mentioned plots is located in the areas marked on the plan drawing with the symbol 9.P – areas of production facilities, 2P/U-areas of production facilities, warehouses and warehouses, and service buildings,
1.P-areas of production facilities, and 3KDD-areas of public roads of the access class and 11KDL areas of public roads of the local road class.

         The properties covered by the offer are located on the express road No. S7 (Gdansk - Warsaw - Radom - Kielce-Chyzne) and 10 km from the newly designed S 12 road and are located in the zone of the new industrial district S2 in the city of Szydlowiec, i.e. area intended for production, industrial and service activities, therefore it is surrounded by undeveloped properties with the same or similar purpose.

         The S2 industrial zone is located between the S7 national road and the railway station and is divided into two areas . The zone of the new industrial district includes a fragment of the town of Szyd?owiec, bounded from the west by the wall of forests of the village of Sadek.

The plot is situated at a favorable distance to many major Polish cities:

Krakow 155
Warszawa 120
Lodz 120
Lublin 140

The area of the Szydlowiec commune is fully electrified. The most important point of power supply to the power grid is the 110/15 kV Szydlowiec substation, located about 500 m from the offered area. Reinforced by 110 kV lines from Szydlowiec - Skarzysko and Rozki - Szydlowiec (running through the offered plots), the station has two transformers at its disposal, the power of which is 16 MVA. The load of each of them is 4.6 MW and 6.0 MW respectively. Operation of industrial networks of the Main Supply Point in Szydlowiec belongs to the High Voltage Energy Region in Radom. There are no medium-voltage lines under 15 years old in Szydlowiec. However, there are 24.7 km of lines operating for 15 to 30 years and 4.4 km of lines with a service life of more than 30 years.

      The property offered for sale is in a perfect location for almost any profitable investment project. This property is perfectly connected via the S7 road with Krakow, Radom and Warsaw (via the designed S 12 with Piotrków Trybunalski and Lublin), but also due to its location it allows communication by rail. Such location of the offered plots makes these plots extremely attractive due to their marketing potential.

       Projects involving the construction of production and storage facilities are preferred on the area of the offered real estate. However, it is also allowed to erect administration service facilities or retail facilities as accompanying the primary purpose, and wholesale facilities. The above opens up a whole range of various investment plans for a potential investor, while giving the opportunity to develop the company on many levels, in many industries.

         At the same time, it should be emphasized that the Szydlowiec Commune, which is still characterized by very high unemployment, is willing and favorable to any proposals of investors aimed at creating new jobs and thus stopping citizens migrating to other, larger cities. The above causes that new investments are desirable and expected not only by the authorities of the Szydlowiec Commune, but also by the inhabitants of Szydlowiec. The presented advantages of the offered real estate make it a universal real estate, enabling a profitable and profitable investment and development of every enterprise.

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  • Lot Size 159732 m2
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  • Garage No
  • Central Heating No
  • Air Conditioning No
  • Garden No
  • Pool No

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